About Us


Who am i? I’m a happy human being. I’m Italian, I’m Mexican, I’m global citizen. I’m a photographer, I’m in love, I’m an artist, I’m my past and my future, I’m my experiences, I’m a traveller, I’m a fair guy, I’m a poet, I’m a star in the universe, I’m a man want to discover the beauty.

Hi, my name is Alessandro and I was born in Florence, Italy in 1980. Since 2007 I’m living in Mexico in the beautiful Playa del Carmen where i founded PhotostudioAB a destination wedding photography agency. I am a Philosophy graduate and I discovered the art of photography many years ago, I remember the first contact with the photography…… I was visiting Florence and I met in the city downtown the Exhibition of Herbert List (German Photographer) and i fell in love for the “Click” that stop the time. Eureka!!!!! I understood what will be my job and passion.I’m a lucky guy to have the opportunity to do my passion and I can call it job.

My passion for the documentary photography in Black and white is special look inside the human species. We live in a very fast world and sometimes we forget our origin and history. The world and and human civilization was the same for a long time and in the last century many changes happened. The science and the technology have contributed to accelerate the human progress and we are paying a big price if we want to still follow the modernity. The traditions as the ancient cultures is disappearing and the nature is contaminated, we are losing our past ,identity and knowledges. For what…. i ask?

I prefer to do a back step and stop myself a moment to think about our destiny as species.